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Frequently asked questions

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What can I do with a credit?

One credit is a signing invitation with 2 digital signatures. A Start package offers the option of one signatory from outside your own organization.

What happens if I have used up my credits?

When you exceed the number of transactions, the service will continue to work as usual. We’ll charge an additional fee for the extra transactions. For transactions that are not covered by the bundle, we’ll charge a surcharge of 0.30 euro.

Are subscriptions renewed automatically?

We automatically renew the monthly and annual subscriptions until you cancel or change the subscription. There are no long-term contracts, our subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Do signatories have to pay?

Signatories don’t pay for the use of our service. Signatories receive a signing request, which they can view and sign free of charge.

How much does a monthly contract cost?

The prices mentioned are based on an annual contract. It’s possible to take out a subscription on a monthly basis, if you prefer. In that case you’ll pay a 20% surcharge on the stated annual costs.

What is a user?

A user is someone in whose name you can upload, sign and send documents. A user can also send signing requests to other signatories.  

Can I transfer unused transactions to the next month?

At the end of the month, any unused transactions of the bundle will expire. If you take out an annual subscription, however, you can distribute the transactions over the year and the transactions will remain valid.

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