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Using you can complete digital processes immediately. Ranging from contracts with employers and insurers to agreements between companies and private individuals. It’s all possible with

Signing a document doesn’t have to take ages.”

How does it work?



1: Upload the document

You upload your document to, select the addressee(s) and optionally add an extra verification method (e.g. iDIN, iDEAL or SMS TAN code).


2: Send the document

You send the document for signing via your website, email or API. The recipient can get started with signing the document immediately.



3: Sign

The signatory receives the signing request, clicks on the link to view the document and then places his digital signature using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.



4: Evidence records the entire process on a transaction receipt, providing you directly with all of the required evidential value for a legally binding transaction.

Basic functionalities

Sign using your own corporate identity

Use your own logo and your own corporate identity to stylize the signing environment and signing request e-mail in the look & feel of your organization.

Various verification options

Advanced verification methods to enable signatories to identify themselves during the signing process. Let guide you through the request process.


An all-in-one overview of all transactions that have been sent, signed and rejected. Automatically send a reminder to signatories who have not yet responded.

Multiple signatories

Have your documents signed by multiple signatories from outside of your own organization. Send out the signing requests in order or all at the same time.

Multilingual signing environment

Let clients or employees sign in their own language! Both the invitation message and the signing environment itself are available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Polish

Fillable documents

Before signing the document, have the signatory fill in or tick items in fillable fields that have been indicated beforehand.

API integration

We provide a simple signing API for the direct integration of a digital signature into your own application.

Send multiple documents

Send multiple documents for signing all at once. This enables the signatory to quickly sign multiple documents.

Audit trail transaction receipt

With each signing, the sender receives evidence specifying the steps of the signing process.

Service level agreement (SLA)

Enter into a service level agreement in addition to our normal terms & conditions and services.

Advantages of digital signing

Save money

No more costs for paper, processing, storage and postage.


Sign faster

Quickly and easily conclude a sale and handle contracts, online via our platform.


Work more efficiently

Prevent errors due to manual entry and simplify your digital process.


Save time

No more need to wait for paper signatures, just complete your process immediately.

Environmentally friendly

Since you no longer have to print and scan, you’ll save trees from being cut down!

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