Digital signature employment contract

“We currently place our signature around 25,000 times a year.”

Hans van de Ven, Please Payroll

Some of our satisfied customers in the HR sector

Digitally sign employment contracts and payroll tax forms

From now on, have your employment contracts, payroll tax forms and other agreements signed digitally and avoid a cumbersome process that forces you and your employees to print, scan and post documents. In addition, you’ll never have to wait again for the return of, for example, an employment contract or payroll tax form. A digital signature on your agreements won’t take days, but mere minutes. Simplify your administration and avoid the ‘print-scan-post-wait problem’.

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“Making mistakes is a thing of the past since the introduction of digital signing.”

Please Payroll:

According to Please Payroll director Hans van de Ven, the experience teaches that a digital contract can be signed immediately. An employee can get started in a faster way and all agreements made between him and the employer are fixed straight away. An additional advantage is reducing the costs of postage.

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