Digital signature healthcare sector

“The fastest route from being sick to going back to work. A handwritten signature doesn’t really fit in with that.”

Marc Aelberts, Richting

Some of our satisfied customers in the healthcare sector

Digitally sign treatment contracts, care plans and other agreements   

Also in the healthcare sector, processes are increasingly being digitized. Many documents are still signed on paper, though. This creates unnecessary costs for handling and administration. Signing treatment contracts, care plans and framework agreements, for example, can simply be done digitally. No administrative hassle that healthcare professionals have to spend hours a day on. Let your healthcare professionals spend their precious time on the actual provision of care thanks to digital signing.

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“The fastest way from sick to work: ‘It does not happen with a written signature on paper”


Richting promises to turn the world of occupational health services ‘upside down’ by taking immediate action in case of a sickness and offering assessment, guidance and treatment under one roof. ‘The fastest way from being sick to working again’, as Richting calls it. This energetic approach also requires a quick way to sign contracts, declarations and consents. Digital signing is the only correct solution here.

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